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Easy Flow Yoga

Sunset Flow

Treat yourself to a mid-week easy flow yoga experience. This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga experience. Students will be encourage to explore a variety of postures while focusing on connecting breath with movement in a safe, non-competitive environment. Classes will include relaxation techniques to help you manage everyday stress. 

All Levels


Students of all levels are invited to join these classes, including new students and especially anyone who has never been on a yoga mat!  Clear instruction is given in breathing technique, warm-up and posture flow.  New students will develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength in basic poses, while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures.  Everyone works to his or her own ability and comfort level.

Integrated Flow

This class integrates various yoga styles including Iyengar, Anusara, and Astanga, for an enlightening asana experience. The emphasis will be on precise postural alignment, attention to breath and awareness of the sense organs. Powerful core work, inversions, arm balances and advanced backbends will be the hallmark of this new class at Living Yoga. Bring a minimum of two years yoga experience, a strong foundation, and body awareness to take your practice to a higher level. Your takeaway will be a greater confidence and ease of movement through life's challenges.


Vital Yoga 

Mindful Flow

An experience of meditation-in-motion, students flow through an elegant sequence of movement, yoga postures and breathwork. Each class will cultivate deep body awareness and self-exploration to encourage safe lengthening, strengthening and alignment of body and higher mind while nurturing self-compassion and lightness of being.

Gentle Yoga

Open to all levels, especially for beginners, students with physical limitation due to injury or illness.  Emphasis will be on improving flexibility and reducing tension. A great way to begin your day! 

Kripalu Yoga 

Based on the philosophy, "Self observation without judgment," Kripalu Yoga is the yoga of compassion. The style puts great emphasis on the mechanics of Yoga -- proper breath coordination and posture alignment -- as well as on the inner spiritual dimensions of a Yoga practice. Students are encouraged to honor "the wisdom of the body" and to work according to the limits of their individual flexibility and strength. 

Yoga for

Healthy Joints     

This class is based on the joint-freeing series established by the renowned structural yoga therapist Mukunda Stiles.  Each joint will be moved gently accompanied by breath coordination. The consistent practice of this series may help to relieve stiffness, arthritic symptoms and joint pain and increase joint mobility and circulation. The class will also include relaxation techniques.


A restorative practice is a complement to any yoga practice or any other form of exercise and perfect for almost any practitioner looking to experience a deeper state of relaxation and healing than Savasana or sleep. It is also a perfect practice for those recovering from injury or illness or anyone who experiences stress on a daily basis.









Vital Yoga  

Strength, Balance

& Conditioning 

This all-levels class for active people will focus on core stability and isometric and body weight resistance-based muscle toning. Each class will provide a whole body workout to promote body awareness, physical discipline, mental focus and a spirit of youthfulness and joy! Golfers,  cyclists, tennis players and runners will be delighted with the cross-training effects that yoga provides.

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