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Elise Mahovlich 
Founder, Living Yoga

Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher

Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher

Reiki 3rd Degree Teaching Master

Elise Headshot 3.jpg

Throughout my teens and twenties, yoga desperately tried to get my attention – a mention in a magazine article or a pose in an advertisement. Each time it came across I'd think, “What's that yoga all about? I wonder what it's like to do yoga?”


Curiosity won out and my first practice was with a VHS recording. I knew, in a moment, what a picture or the written word couldn't communicate. I came home to myself and my heart said, “Ah-ha! That's yoga!”


Yoga is the synthesis of the wisdom of movement, presence of mind and grace through breath. It is the tool that allows me to experience the infinite through the finite. My teacher training is grounded in the heart-centered lineage of Kripalu Yoga, the yoga of compassion and a practice of meditation in motion.

My yoga mat is ground zero, an unconditionally loving and accepting piece of real estate. I can be challenged, frustrated, totally pumped and in awe -- sometimes all at once!

My personal practice inspires my teaching. I hope to instill a sense of wonder, awe and pure pleasure in students, even at the edges of their comfort zone.

On the teacher's mat, from my heart to yours, I hope our shared experience is “Ahhh! That's yoga!”

OM Shanti Peace


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