Walking Meditation in the

Butterfly Garden

at the Environmental Learning Center
Family friendly
Every fourth Sunday of the month

  Sunday Sept. 22, 2019 

Sunday Oct. 27, 2019 


Walking meditation is a 'meditation in motion,' great for beginners.

It's a practice that is all about being aware of our bodies as we move. It's a practice of being present where we are. If our daily lives are defined by 'going to' or 'coming from,' a walking meditation is simply about being here, happy to be alive!


We'll attune to nature through our five senses in the embrace of the Butterfly Garden.

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Cooling Breath, Cooling Postures

at Sebastian Yoga Studio

Sunday July 28th, 2019  


Chill out! with this cooling workshop where, once again, our yoga practice gives us tools to balance and harmonize our inner landscape with the world around us.


Summer is dominated by the Pitta elements fire and water (hot and humid sound familiar?). 


This workshop will include cooling pranayama (breathing) techniques and poses that help the body to release heat and quiet the nervous system.


All levels are welcome!

Reserve your space at Sebastian Yoga Studio  HERE.

World Peace Meditation

location TBA

Tuesday December 31st, 2019  


Around the world people will be gathering in a synchronized effort to join their intentions in a guided meditation for World Peace.


Join us on the last morning of the year, December 31st, as we co-create a powerful prayer for peace on our planet. This is the 14th year we here in Vero Beach have carried on this global tradition that began in 1987. So many of you have been a part of the meditation. I look forward to seeing you again!

Please arrive by 6:45 AM.
The meditation will begin promptly at 7:00 AM and will last about 20 minutes. 


NOTE: This is a guided meditation. No experience is necessary. Just come with an open heart!